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gerard says energy is fundamental to america's future, and more domestic production only translates into more economic growth, jobs and government revenue. his comments came during the apis annual state of energy address tuesday here in washington, d.c. after his remarks mr. gerard took part in a q&a session with the audience and members of the press. this is about an hour 18 minutes. >> thank you, marty, and thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for being here today. we are honored by your presence, and greatly appreciate your participation. happy new year to each one of you. and i look around the room, i see a number of distinguished guests. in washington everyone is distinguished, as we all know, and we would like to take the time to introduce everyone. however, in the interest of time we can do that today. though knowing as i look at many of you here today, knowing that many of you have a key role in the energy policy debate, and hopefully what might happen over the next year or two as we consider the truly game changing opportunity we have here in the united states, as it relates to
're accelerating in 2013. the first, when you speak of big themes, you cannot ignore the revolution in energy in this country. >> buy, buy, buy! >> we have so much of it, particularly so much natural gas, it will not be just 2013, 2012, but a multi-year game changer. while we're thrilled about the possible north american energy independence, and by the way, the american technology behind them, don't forget that, we need to ask, how can this theme make us money? i mean, this is "mad money," not mad energy sufficiency. who are the principal winners from years of ultra cheap natural gas to come? the answer, the chemical companies. the plastic makers. because they're the big beneficiaries of the remarkably low cost of natural gas related feed stock, what goes into plastic. and the best of the best, dow chemical, ppg, westlake, eastman, georgia gulf and liondel basin. they thrive on the cost advantage of two of my absolute favorite gals when it comes to making plastic, poly and ethel. at this moment, only dow chemicals has done much to capitalize on the cheap domestic energy. the company is spendi
time your energy usage. >> but consumers are concerned that smart meters compromised privacy and cause health problems. the order is temporary, and until the panel makes a final ruling, customers will have to pay a fee to keep their current analog system. harford county delegate glen glass introduced legislation. >> they can refuse the smart meter at no cost to them. >> bge says that they do not have an opt out plan. a company spokesperson says they would need to charge a fee to manage the costs of having two systems. >> i want the elderly person to be able to refuse a smart meter. maybe they do not have any money. why should they have to pay to receive something that they do not want? >> states such as vermont, maine, and california have opt out options, but four of the. california initially charges $75, then tax on a $10 charge each month. >> why should the citizens of maryland pay to receive a smart leader if they do not want it? >> delegates glen glass is meeting with the house leader seeking guidance on how to get this bill passed. wbal tv-11 news. >> also in annapolis today, the
will oppose the wind energy bill with someone who would vote in favor for it. securing the opportunity for a floor vote. the senate president, who supports the state death penalty, its current predicament lobbying a supporter for legislation was stalled for years. >> i might have someone on the committee switched their votes to bring it to the floor, something like that. it is what it is. it is in the interest of the public that this matter be brought to the floor. >> behind-the-scenes negotiations are also underway on how to replenish the state transportation trust fund. gop leaders want to separate the red and purple mass transit lines. possibilities include raising the gas tax and or the sales tax. lots of predictions today. state house resigning officers believe gun control measures, a repeal of the death penalty and wind energy bill will pass this session. >> the future of marilyn's death penalty has been debated for a long time in annapolis. a repeal this year may have some steam. capital punishment cases are very rare now in maryland. jane miller has the facts. she joins us live
[captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. baltimore celebrates another purple friday the ravens will board a plane to denver. looks like fans are ramp up and ready to go. >> are you already, are you already? these fans are ready. the cheerleaders just came in. you can see how many fans are here. are you ready for the game? >> yes! >> are we going to win? >> i hope so. >> ok, let me find out from my buddies here did what we going to do tomorrow? >> win! >> are we going to whoop 'em? >> yeah. >> here are some of the younger guys. >> who is your favorite player? ray rice? >> go ray rice. >> once again, fans are here, they are excited, ready for some football. i am going to step out of way so you can see how many people here. if you can see all the people lined up by the salad bar, vegetable ar bar. fans are ready and the ravens are on their way 7 soon. >> that is a lot of energy
definitely has the most talented idol cast >> i love the judges they bring a lot of energy. >> it is great. nicki minaj, mariah, loved it. >> it is good because like the judges have their own unique style. >> seemed they were feuding, but then at the same time you saw moments when they were laughing. >> a live q and a with the cast followed the sneak peak. >> randy jackson is back, country super star keith urban, everyone we spoke with tonight said the idol producers have nailed it the perfect cast of judgesle and contestant -- judges and contestants. season 12 kicks off, next wednesday the 16th, 8:00 p.m., 2 hours long, then another 2 hours for part two, thursday night all of it right here on fox 5. brian. >> thanks. >>> washington humane society rescued more than 100 baby chick that is got lost in the mail. they were supposed to be shipped to alabama. post office intercepted them and sent them to the humane society. they have been adopted by a new york rescue farm and they are adopting and adapting well to their new life. >>> sue palka just narrowly missed the cut. >> poor little things.
by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. at the purple friday. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> the weekend might feel like spring. >> we have some rain that will bring warmer temperatures in. let's concentrate on today and this morning. we have some clouds overhead. partly to mostly cloudy skies. there is some rain in west virginia. that is drifting in our direction. you may need an umbrella by this afternoon. now we want to concentrate on the roads. >> happy friday. route 97 at old liberty, we still have some closures because of an accident. avoid route 97 for the next 15 minutes or so. 95 at dundalk avenue, we have an accident off to the side. it looks like it's moving pretty well past the accident scene. northbound 95 dundalk avenue. philadelphia boulevard, we have an accident. up to speed on the north and west side of the beltway. seven minutes from the 895 split. this is 50 a
possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute
computer and see in real-time at 24 hour delay roughly of the energy uses. >> there is concern that smart meters cause health problems. they want bge customers to opt out of the program, but it is temporary. and till the final ruling -- a republican delegate introduced a bill making the option permanent. >> someone who does not want a smart meter attached to the house, they can refuse it at no cost to them. >> b.g.e. does not currently have an opt out plan. the spokesman says the company would have to charge a fee. 19 states, including maryland, are grappling with those issues. some arguments are tied up in courts. others are being handled through legislation. >> i want the elderly person to be able to refuse a smart meter. why should they have to pay to refuse something that they do not want? >> state such as vermont, california, and maine have opt out options, but for a fee. impacts have a monthly fee of $10 to keep their traditional meter. >> why should citizens of maryland have to pay when they do not have the money to receive a smart meter if they do not want it? >> he is meeting wit
breakfast for people who come out. i have enough energy for all six of you. the purple caravan is going all over the place today. we get to have a lot of playoff games. >> we are going out all over town. we have stops at giants and m&t bank. >> you are doing prizes and giveaways. >> we have a signed ray lewis print. we will be going around town all day. we are getting everybody ready for the game. >> have you been feeling the energy? >> we are getting ready for it. >> i want to lead everybody with a cheer. >> let's go, ravens! let's go, ravens! let's go, ravens! >> marching away on the road to ignore lynns. jennifer franciotti, wbal-tv 11 news -- marching away on the road to new orleans. >> you can watch our ravens special tonight on tv 11 as the ravens prepare for their matchup with the broncos. the special airs tonight at 7:30 and we airs tomorrow on our digital channel -- and re-airs tomorrow on our digital channel. >> a showdown in annapolis over the cost of adopting out of a smart meter. they should keep better track of who is without power. consumers are concerned smart meters cause h
is short lived. >>> if you're taking steps to make your home more energy efficient, you're not alone. in tonight's health alert how steps to save on energy costs can actually make indoor allergies worse for the family, especially in the winter. between remodeling older houses and building new ones it's estimated millions more homes in the united states will become more eco friendly over the next four years, but in our efforts to save money and protect the environment we've created a few unintended consequences. >> for every solution there's a problem. so energy efficiency is really, really important. at the same time what's staying in the house is staying in the house. >> reporter: dr. nathan robinovicz says asthma rate in the u.s. have nearly tripled since 1970, a problem he believes begins at home. the doctor recruited students to carry air monitors several weeks at home and to and from school. after analyzing the quality of the air they were exposed to 24 hours a day, the worst is where you may least expect it. >> the amount of pollution that they were being exposed to was higher
energy critics and property depreciation or general business credit. >> coming up the neighborhood squabble over wild turkeys. a group says they have to go. >> an invitation by facebook create as frenzy in tech circles. >> diet drinks promise to keep the pounds off but there is another >> good morning, everyone, at 4:53. a live picture toward the westbound with the bay bridge with traffic moving okay. we will check to see if there are other trouble spots in a couple of minutes. >> aaa expects gas prices to be lower this year compared to last year barring unforeseen events. the average price for a gallon unledded is $3.61 in california, the fourth highest average in the country. the average price was nine cents higher at this time last year. this morning, the average price is $3.67 in san francisco and $3.59 in san jose and $3.58 in oakland. >> popular infant property is being recalled because of mold recalling newborn rock in place sleepers after receiving 600 reports of mold on the sleepers with 16 newborns becoming sick. consumers should immediately inspect the product the area b
jugglers. >> some video games are a good thing according to a new study. the energy that cakids use was compared. it was not the case for middle schoolers, especially older girls. >> 5:42. 44 degrees at the airport. holding a job at the white house is no laughing matter. >> a preview of "1600 penn." >> we are in for a warmup. >> now insta-weather plus and traffic pulse 11 together. date.'s bring you up to it is a busy morning rush. route 99 a shutdown in ellicott city. you may want to avoid it from woodstock over to bethany lane. that is due to an accident. it is just a mess. take 70 as your alternate. 63 prior to the beltway. an overnight tractor-trailer accident northbound 83 remains closed between belfast and mount carmel. take york as your alternate. checking on the tunnels, everything looks good. 95 out of the northeast looks great. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. dave allen has the latest on the mta. >> the number 5 bus is diverting at druid hill and north avenue. the number 51 bus is diverting at pulaski and windsor. on time service for the penn, camden, and brunswick
. the nasdaq also gained 15 points. >>> gasoline prices are expected to fall this year. the energy department estimates the average price of a gallon of regular will fall 5% nationwide to $3.44. that's the biggest drop in four years. forecasters say ample supplies and weak demand will keep prices down, barring refinery problems or a rise in middle east tensions. >>> two congressional panels have released new evidence that contradicts earlier statements by walmart about when senior executives knew of bribery allegations tied to its operation in mexico. walmart is accused of paying off mexican officials to speed up building permits. u.s. law forbids american companies from bribing foreign officials. walmart says the e-mails are consistent with its prior statement. >>> and years of rising college tuitions and higher enrollment may be over, but it's because fewer people are enrolling. an annual survey of about 300 colleges and universities by moody's investor service suggests the economic downturn has forced some students to skip or delay going to college. another factor, budget negotiations in c
much energy thinking this through that we have a strong consensus. people from other faith positions and christian nominations have had some negative reaction and a lot of support. >> and rer end hall, thank you very much for coming in. >> and you're welcome. >> and mark writes real catholics use the bible as a guide. don't take it word for word and learned that god created us to learn one another. jason allison writes, quote, a marriage is between one man and one woman, god said so. vanessa mickey said we don't live in the dark ages anymore and some people are gay. get over it. to weigh in, go to -- my fox d.c.'s facebook page. >>> straight ahead on the news edge. >>> on the heels of the connecticut shooting tragedy, why that song is being pulled from the air at a local radio station. plus, cheating allegations resurface at d.c. public schools. sue. >> and some clouds coming through the area today ahead of a cool front and what a spread in the 17 degrees difference between d.c. at 45 and fredericksburg at 62 and will we have anymore 60s in the forecast? i will fill y
the energy and that he brought to the team on sunday and in their playoff game. you know, he's special. that's all you can say. >> hey, now, they said it and that's proof. ravens, broncos, 4:30 on saturday. winner heads to the afc championship game. watch it right here on then on sunday the second half of the afc championship will be decided. 4:30 for both games on wusa. d.c. sports fans have had enough bad news concerning their athletes and their knees. let's give you good news. still on track to return. saturday night, they said that it is serious as they took their time to make sure that everything is right. for the redskins, they are envious of that quote. here is what their coach had to say. >> we've got another 24 hours here. he's gone hard. these are probably the two hardest days back to back that he has put together. and you know obviously we have to see how he is going to respond to it. so far everything has been good. >> atlanta hawks on saturday night. well, a good voting contest is going on. 17,000 voters thus far. and churchill at walter johnson. and marshall langley
believe gun-control measures and a repeal of the death penalty and wind energy bill will pass this session. >> one topic sure to get the attention of the legislature is the repeal of maryland's death penalty. the governor opposes capital polish men. his attempt to abolish it fell short of some votes. prosecutors have sought the death penalty six times. two cases have to get a trial and teo added i am pleased and i and others jurors opted for life sentences for the defendants. >> it could be a major development in cancer detection. using thekiresearchers are samples taken during the pap tests to spot cancer. there are no screening tests for those diseases. scientists were able to detect the mutations in 100% of endometrial cases and a very in cases without delivering false positives. >> if you are told you have a diagnosis of cancer and you do not, not only is that anxiety provoking but you have to undergo a lot of unnecessary tests that could be invasive and dangerous. >> researchers are hoping to have a version of this test for doctors to use in their offices through the five years from n
showers out there during the course of your afternoon. most of the action here, most of the energy stays to our north and west. you can see it pulling rain showers up into ohio and the great lakes. this is a warm system as all the cold air for the time being remains to the west. just going to be liquid across the eastern seaboard. going to cloud up quickly here, and by 2:00 this afternoon, you can see the scattered nature of the showers. we have scattered showers back in the forecast. will be with us tonight through the evening rush hour. 7:00, 8:00 tonight winding down. fog will develop tomorrow. by tomorrow afternoon we'll get breaks, and we're in for the spring time temperatures saturday and sunday. get out the shorts. 51 today. mostly cloudy. showers back and forth later this afternoon. winds turn southerly tonight. showers continue early. and fog developing overnight. 44 the overnight low. here's your accuweather seven- day forecast. by tomorrow afternoon, upper 50s. check out your sunday forecast, still upper 60s, mid- to upper 60s with sunshine. we keep the mild stuff around for e
of the energy with this area of low pressure will remain to the west. we'll be talking about just some showers around here, some showers tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night so that will be the next chance for some rain. as that front gets north of us, our temperatures jump big time for the weekend. 51 today, winds north and west here at five to 10. plenty of sunshine. a nice afternoon. it will be a pleasant did i with temperatures just about eight degrees above normal. increasing clouds, cool overnight. here is a look at the act use weather seven-day forecast. couple of showers tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow night. saturday, there will be clouds around but temperatures in the 60s. no complaining. sunday looks fantastic. upper 60s and temperatures about 25 degrees above normal. then we remain on the mild side into early next week although we do have colder air on the horizon by the middle and end of next week, temperature get back close to normal. enjoy the warm temperatures while we've got them, julie wright. speaking of, let's do some traffic. good morning, julie. >> good morning. waze is
weren't successful if the first week i'm not thinking it needs more energy. but personally no. keep your eye on the target. and make you're you're focused on the things that follow with successful football. >> he's on the roster and blot yes, pulled over in alabama for having too much tint on the car windows then lied about his identity giving police a fake name. maclaine posted a thousand dollars bail released and had a previous run in after a fight in 2011. suspended two two games this season for conduct detrimental to the team. warriors had a few days off since worse losses of the season saturday night in l.a.. and warriors come aring off of a shellacking by the clippers tomorrow night golden state against grizzlies in the 10 extending by j-óp8 a half game. >> you know playoffs and it can be a great cut. >> what you saw in the front line is surrounded with veterans. it's been a very good team. impressed. >> this abc 7 sports report brought to you and first 10000 fans will get a seth curry bobbelhead. this is cute. >> you get the good stuff[oq+ñ. >> first 10000. >> that is a good lik
season, honey, don't use your sleeve. there's clorox bleach. >>> all right, this little bundle of energy isn't a lion that he looks like. meet charles the monarch. i'm going to start calling you that charlie. he's a labara doodle and police in virginia got calls about a baby lion on the loose. officers even called a local zoo to make sure all the cats for accounted for. daniel painter says the pet's cut is to make him look an old dominion university mascot and there you go. painter says it's not the first time the pooch has been mistaken for a lion and calls have been made to place. >> you're going to start calling me the monarch do i get to have a mono8:00? >>> speaking of the mono8:00. watch in. >> this story makes me so mad. why do they have to change this? >> the floor is yours. >> the iconic monopoly tokens are going away and hasbro is replacing the to bens with a new one. the maker turns to facebook to decide which of the classic game pieces get the boot. don't make it the boot. >> okay people can vote on which token they would like to sea spired. -- see spared. you can also decide
to physical education classes in school. children use more energy when it came to going to p.e. class. >>> your eyes are the key to being trusted. that's according to a new survey that says people with brown eyes are considered much more trustworthy than those with blue eyes. people also said men with bigger mouths and larger chins -- jay leno -- were more trust worthy than men with narrow faces. >>> trust may soon be a major issue for hundreds of students attending a local training school. they may be in for the shock of their lives later this morning. coming up at 5:05, the school which crushed the dreams of thousands of students. >>> it is 4:53. time for the question of the morning. this is funny. >> according to men's health magazine, 25 % of men say they do this when they have a bad day, whether they have blue eyes or brown eyes. they a, lift weights, go running, b, break something, or c, talk to their significant other. right. >> i used to break something but i've grown out of that. go to our facebook fan page. weigh in. >> notice it wasn't talking to a significant other. >> we'
the weekend? [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you're watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, late-breaking. this is 11 news today at 6:00 a.m. >> good morning. i'm mindy basara. >> and i'm stan stovall. thanks for joining us for 11 news today. >> mild outside this morning. >> the temperatures will get even warmer into the weekend. it was warmer earlier this morning. now the temperatures are starting to fall. 39 degrees at the airport. we have mostly cloudy skies. colder air is moving in behind the cold front. we'll see some sunshine into the midday. kind of a complicated pattern. highs in the upper 40's to the low 50's. >> good morning. not an ideal start. we have several problems. northbound 83 is shutdown between belfast and mount carmel. take york road as your alternate. a problem on route 99 in ellicott city -- that is bethenyk road to definite la lane. take 70 as your alternate. 70 is moving well, 63 eastbound into the beltway. 795, so far so good from franklin boulevard as you make your way down to
night will be a combination of some energy coming up from the south combining with a very weak system up to our north. here is your accuweather 7-day forecast. we're talking about temperatures that are going to take us into the low 50s by perhaps tuesday or wednesday of next week. still keeping us dry to thursday, brian. some indications that some storms may be getting formed up in the middle part of the country that will send mild air in this direction. did you see that 55 on friday? we will see how that pans out next week. >>> coming up scott smith one-on-one with mike shanahan talking about his rookie gem in the backfield. this ice rescue is amazing. two teenagers clung to a tree after the ice on a frozen lake in arizona started cracking. each lost a shoe as they scrambled out to run the breaking ice. brothers ended up using hats to cover their bare feet. the boys hung on for four hours until firefighters came to the rescue. >>> welcome back to redskins park. i am scott smith where it's week 18 of the redskins season. week one of the playoffs. the redskins still making some moves toda
it is amazing. i love the judges. they bring a lot of energy. >> it is great. loved it. loved it. >> i think it is good because the judges have their own unique kind of style. >> it seemed like they were kind of feuding but then at the same time, you saw moments when they were laughing. >> reporter: a live q & a with the idol cast followed the sneak peek. >> that was will thomas reporting. you can catch the season premier of american idol season 12 right here on fox 5. it is next wednesday at 8:00. ♪ america, america &&. >> reporter: from future star to some pretty big names. the presidential inaugural committee has announced the line-up for president obama's second inauguration. bee gons will sing the national anthem. kellly clarkson will perform my country 'tis of three and james taylor will sing america the beautiful. -- beyonce will sing the national anthem. >> let's hope it's warm. >> warmer, at least. >> we
and tomorrow the warm front starts to approach from the south and west. let me first emphasize, the energy is going to get pushed into the great lakes. later tomorrow, we'll get showers in here. tomorrow night a few showers and behind this front for the weekend, north of us. o temperatures are going to take a big time jump. get ready for springtime warmth here by saturday and sunday. mostly sunny. very nice, pleasant quiet afternoon. we'll cloud up tonight with overnight lows about 40 degrees. here's a look at your accu weather 7 day forecast. i want to emphasize after we get the showers out of here early saturday, we are looking fantastic for the weekend. with high temperatures pushing 70 degrees on sunday, should feel good. everyday time temperature here and nighttime temperature for that matter well above average. we will get colder air by the middle and end of next week. that's weather, allison, let's learn about the garden. over to you. >> it doesn't cost a dime and it >>> ♪ tell me something good ♪ . >> no, no, no. tomorrow is friday. i'm ready for another year of ask allison. s
-control and approval for large wind energy form of the coast of ocean city. but the most conference -- most controversial idea may be the governor's idea of a tax increase to support transportation funding. >> we are going to waste more money and time and more gasoline sitting in traffic congestion. >> lester, the governor proposed a 6% gas hike on gasoline over six years. the measure failed. now he says a number of proposals are on the table including a general sales tax hike with the money dedicated to transportation needs. republicans and many democrats say will be a tough fight to pass any tax hike. >> we don't need any new taxes at least until we get out of the economic situation we are in. >> if they need to do it, they need to do it. you've got to pay taxes if you want good roads. >> i think we are paying enough taxes. >> some leaders have suggested a regional tax increase. where the need is the greatest, the cost of gasoline would also be higher. at this point, these are just proposals. the arm-twisting and dealmaking has just begun. >> today was also the first day for the virginia
. >> and won at least putting the health the spin on energy bars. that's ahead at 6:00. -- healthy spin. >> maryland children attend the top schools in the country. maryland schools ranked best in the nation for the fifth year in a row. virginia schools came in fourth place and the d.c. schools at no. 45 for the nation, but they were dead last three years ago so there's some improvement. schools are ranked based on achievement, standards, as students chance of success, and other categories. seven is on your side with the scramble by hospitals to deal with a flood of flu patients. >> one city has declared a state of emergency. tahman bradley has details. >> doctors are calling it one of the fiercest outbreaks in a decade. school strain which started in october instead of january has but to -- this flu strain which started in october instead of january has spread to many states. boston general has seen unprecedented numbers of patients and many have to wait 24 hours to be admitted. in pennsylvania, one hospital had to set up a tent outside the emergency room to deal with flu and since. in
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. nathan. tadpole. and help ensure a constant supply of clean energy. the things we build share one belief. that the world's biggest challenges deserve even bigger solutions. powerful answers. verizon. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dualair technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs - each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now save 50% on the final closeout of our silver limited edition bed. >>steve: he would have turned 100 years ago. even though it has tphaoerlt been 40 years -- nearly been 40 years since the end of his presidency, richard nixon was a commanding figure. his achievements foreign and domestic won him that reelection in a landslide way but during that reelection is when it all seemed to get overwhelmed. we're talking watergate. joining us is the editor of "national interest" and author
around 3.1%. they're desperate for workers, truckers, people who can contribute to where the energy industry is right now. things like what you are talking about here, to have to pick yourself up and start over again -- 57 can feel pretty old. on the other hand, you have got 10 more years of working life ahead of you before you can get your full social security benefits. you've got to not given, if you can help it, and try to find the energy and commitment to start over again. there are jobs out there, but it is not easy to change. host: one of our viewer saying, with weak demand in a number of key sectors, what is happening with the retraining effort? guest: that is something congress will have to work out again. that tends to be on the spending side. i think that the community colleges in this country are really trying hard to pick up some of the slack and work with businesses to come up with training programs. the one thing that everyone has learned some lessons about is the nonsensical student loans, taking out a bunch of student loans, going to community college and never finis
the wind energy tax credit. and even got the rates back to where he wanted to get the rates. now, we're in a divided government. you're not going to get every single thing that you want, but the president got some really big things, made some real progress. and if you look at the base line that everybody compares, you know, where the budget is to everything else, actually, this does cut the deficit by $737 billion. so i think the president made big progress here and we're going to have to see going forward how we're going to be able to deal with the looming crisis that we face in the next couple of months. >> bill burton has just shown why he was the deputy press secretary. and i mean that, bill, as a compliment. but, in all seriousness, he's giving the spin on that. so what do you say? >> well, i think that when you look at president obama's priorities, it's important to keep in mind that deficit reduction isn't necessarily his biggest priority right now, for the simple reason that there's a lot of anxiety among folks in the white house that if you have too fast of fiscal contractio
to file including those would claim residential energy credit, prosecute depreciation or general business credit. >> the white house is reportedly considering a new option for cutting american troop levels in afghanistan over the next year. the "los angeles times" reports that the obama administration has not ruled out withdrawing all u.s. troops from afghanistan after 2014. there are right now 66,000 in the country and the pentagon is pushing if 9,000 in 2015 and others want 3,000 or fewer. >> coming up, a neighborhood squabble over wild turkeys. >> an invitation by facebook create as frenzy in tech circles. >> diet drinks promise to keep the pounds off, right, but research says there is another unintended >> a 5:53. holiday shoppers responded so well to a new pricing strategy they will keep it up. a new trend is to check out an item in a store and thing go back to the computer and buy it cheaper online. to beat it over the holidays target matched online prices and now it will continue that practice year round. target says if you see a price on a website for amazon or best buy or toys 'r
. that we remain first in science, technology engineering and energy. that we educate and prepare our young people for the opportunities of tomorrow. when we make it in america, all of america's families can make it in america. [applause]. the strength of our democracy also demands that we restore the confidence of the american people in our political process. we must empower the voters. we must remove obstacles of participation in our democracy for all americans. we must increase the level of civility and reduce the role of money in our elections. when we do, we will elect more women, more minorities, more young people to public office and that's a good thing. [applause]. the american people are what make our country great. by in large the united states is a nation of immigrants. built and strengthened by men, women and children who share our patriotism and seek the american dream. the strength of our democracy will be advanced by bold actions for comprehensive immigration reform. [applause]. today, we take an oath to protect and defend our constitution, our people and our freedom. to pro
there well north and west dragging most of the moisture with it to the north. most of the energy will stay north and west of us. there is a warm front coming through later this afternoon and tonight. that will give us some showers during the late afternoon and into the evening hours and overnight, we'll see some fog develop. so by early tomorrow morning, look out for the possibility of fog. if you are out traveling late tonight into the overnight hours, we'll see some fog develop. here we are at 3:00, futurecast showing that shower activity moving through. be ready for rain shower activity around here. there we are by 10:00 tonight. we are done with the rain but we still have the clouds and fog developing as the warmer air tries to move in from the south and west. good news is we wake up with the clouds but we do have the mild temperature on tap for both saturday and sunday. showers developing this afternoon. there are your wind south and east at five to 10. we need the rain. we've only picked up 2/100 of an inch rain so far this year. 44 developing after the showers quit at about 10:00 to
bit, you see the cloud cover and very weak disturbance. most of the energy well off to the north and west. some sprinkles of the showers. tomorrow morning, when you get up, you'll have a few clouds out there but we should stay up until the afternoon. here is the plan if you are going out. mostly cloudy here, right through 10:00, 11:00 tonight. until 12:00 or 4:00 a.m., chance for snow showers. we should be right back in the sunshine by tomorrow afternoon. here is your accu weather seven- day forecast. looks fun. let the colder in temporarily, for the day on monday. if you need a january thaw, check out that seven-day. we have lots of 50s by the end of next week. by friday, saturday, mid- to upper 50s. >> wow. >> long term, we are not looking at anything -- >> well, we are looking warm at the end of next week and then we take a turn for the cold. >> so enjoy the warmth while we have it? >> yes. >> looks like some good weather, as we were talking about for the game tomorrow which, of course, is on everybody's mind. d.c. mayor vincent gray was sounding off against seattle. he had a
. opening day. at time of optimism and energy wrapped around the spirit of cooperation. the house unanimously elected michael bush speaker. he humbly accepted and get a shot -- shout out to his committee men. then he reflected on what the chamber means to him. >> it is a laboratory for democracy. everyone's views are welcome here. >> would have to go back three decades to find someone other than mike miller as president. the body elected him as leader once again. michael melido about this in the top leadership position. joked aboutalley this. >> you have managed to keep the creative tension that has allowed us to do the people's work. >> issues are too numerous to name but they include gun control legislation to repeal the death penalty, a possible gas tax or sales tax increase to replenish the state transportation fund and a measure that gives baltimore city and guaranteed stream of 32 million per year for school renovations. [applause] >the u.s. senator filed -- fired up the troops and let everyone smiling. >> if she starts the session, may the force be with you. >> controversy
a lot of energy and courage to recover from this extort of surgery. >> what are the implications of this? where are we going next? >> u think at love oz these are being funded by the military and these severe facial injuries and i think military people will be able to benefit from this extreme burn patients that we've not been able to reconstruct with traditional surgeries will be beneficial from this accident -- gunshot injuries to the face. there's a whole host of people who, i think, have a great future having into future before with this surgery. >> here's the kind of frightening thought. what about someone that decides i want to get a full-face transplant because i don't like my face or because my face is getting older so i want somebody to do naet their face to me. >> right. well, we start to run into a few moral issues where this surgery, that's true. >> that happens a lot when you're -- >> there's a thin line between science and science fiction. >> you can probably imagine there would be some people like that. >> absolutely. >> and then the whole idea of growing a clone to be abl
it discourages drivers from buying energy-efficient cars. >> and they going to say they don't buy gas or pay gas tax. if yew about -- we're going to eliminateinate, that i don't know why we would have the fee. >> abortion stands to be a big debate as a build a grant personhood brights to fetuses and seems to be a major battle between pro-choice and pro-life forces in virginia. clearly if the debate was any indication the transportation aspect of all of this is going to be a major focus of the general assembly getting underway in two hours. >> and let the games begin. thank you. >>> today seemed like a spring day to me and that is gray, sprinkled a bit and it was not that cold. >> it doesn't feel like, you know, january. >> yeah. >> and more like shawn said, a crisp spring day. >> if all things go as planned, shawn yancy for the weekend, it will feel like spring. >> woo-hoo. >> and you're going to think the birds are chirping and the leaves are popping and we're going look for blossoms. >> i heard birds yesterday. i was trying to figure out what in the world was going on. >> and did you see robin
and rain coming up to the central part. that basically joins forces with another piece of energy which may bring the flake or a sprinkle tomorrow night into early sunday morning. 28 in town tonight. colder in the suburbs. tomorrow pretty chilly out there. really good amount of sun through the day tomorrow. but late in the day we'll perhaps begin to see a few of the high clouds moving on in in advance of the flake or the sprinkle. we're still projecting that by next week, middle part of next week we should be knocking on the door some 50s. the weekend looks pretty good. go redskins. enjoy the football game and everything else this weekend. >> thank you, gary. >>> bad news now. someone mugged super model naomi campbell last november. she was trying to hail a cab when she was shoved to the grown and attacked. it left her with a torn ligament in her leg. there is no word what, if anything, was stolen. french officials are investigating. >>> "star wars" creator george lucas is engaged to his long time girlfriend melanie hob kin. they have been together for six years. it will be lucas' second m
area to the south and east, cool air stayed locked energy as it often does in our region, during date toda the day today. 39 in manassas, look at fredericksburg, still at 62. 39 to 62. what a difference that warm air just down to our south but continue to push down to the south, the cold front does the same. mostly cloudy, chilly to the north, still mild well to the south. temperatures 37, the coldest areas to near 50. some of the warmest spots, 8:00 tonight. the radar not showing anymore rain. not going to see any of that, here is where doreen is here, no rain there now either, i think she is going to be okay. as we move on through the next couple of days, our frontal boundary moves to the south and east. one thing you notice, we still have that stream of the flow moving across our region. i think we will still see some cloudiness, make our way through the night tonight and in through the day tomorrow before our next storm system starts to move on n our one cold front moves through and behind it, we stay on the mild side. temperatures five to ten above average tomorrow, for most of u
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-growth tax reform but on energy. we have opportunities in this country to create an incredible number of jobs and get the kind of economic growth that will help with the deficit. energy is just one great example. also, eliminate our dependence on foreign oil. that is a national-security issues. we have got to do better. the right kind of approaches like we are talking about to stimulate economic growth. host: former congressman barney frank has told the governor of massachusetts that he wants to be in the u.s. senate. guest: i think it's going to be very important, because we do have to get real savings in terms of addressing any kind of debt ceiling agreement. so i think this is a very important stretched. like you and i have been talked about, buckled down and get it done before the deadline. but it is going to be difficult. that is very clear. you are talking about a big challenge. >> we talked in with the newly sworn in senator. this is just over 40 minutes. host: we welcome another former governor and now the senator from maine, angus king, an independent. guest: good morning, steve. the
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